About Me

Tristi Pinkston is the author of over a hundred books (gulp), the mother of four fantastic children (no need to hold the applause), and the wife of one very, very patient man (who is definitely in a class by himself).

Her first book was written at the age of five and was titled Sue the Dog. This book will never, ever be published. In any form.

She was taught at home by her parents. After she graduated from high school, she took two correspondence courses from Brigham Young University in creative writing, and also a course in floral design from International Correspondence Schools. After that, she took a job working at a floral shop, which she loved (you'll see this woven all through her books. She just can't help herself.)

At the tender age of 18, she met then 34-year-old Matt Pinkston of Eugene, Oregon. They were engaged on their tenth date. This consequently sent her parents into shock. After everyone had been revived, Matt and Tristi were married in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. She was 19 by that time, which, as we all know, is so much older than 18.

Tristi is a stay-at-home mom, a homeschooler, a media reviewer, a freelance editor, a regular presenter at writers conferences up and down the Wasatch Front, has served in the Relief Society presidency in her ward (which her readers swear is karma paying her back for writing the Secret Sisters Mysteries), she sits on the board of directors for iWriteNetwork, and she is a headless chicken.

She enjoys watching movies and may or may not be a fan of Dancing with the Stars, The Amazing Race, and Project Runway. She likes to scrapbook (when she has the time) and taking Sunday afternoon naps (which are mandatory). She can't write without a glass of ice water and a tube of Chapstick close by. She's tried. It doesn't work.